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Access Control System

Our Access Control System Solution includes Vehicle & Pedestrian Access Control System. Vehicle Access Control Solution includes Automated Video based Vehicle Scan, Integrated with ANPR Cameras & Boom Barrier. Pedestrian Access Control solution includes Flap Barrier/Tripod Turnstile/Full Height Turnstile integrated with a Variety of Sensors including Fingerprint/Palm Vein/Hand Punch/Face Recognition Readers with or Without Contactless Cards either Proximity or Mifare or IClass Smart Cards.


We Provide Wired & Wireless LAN Network Backbone for Seamless Connectivity throughout the Premises. Our Networking Solution includes Structured Cabling Solutions, Wired & Wireless LAN Infrastructure.


Our Comprehensive Offering of Public Addressing & Voice Evacuation System include Class AB, Class D Amplifiers, Call Stations, Various types of Amplifiers including Power Amplifiers, Mixer Amplifiers, Various types of Speakers including Ceiling, Wall Mounted Speakers, Horn Speakers. Public Addressing & Voice Evacuation system helps Aids Security Personnel’s address to Public in Evacuating the Premises.

Fire Alarm System

With Expertise in Conventional & Addressable Fire Alarm Systems, we can Offer Optimum Fire Detection Solutions adhering to UL/LPCB/FM Standards as Applicable. We strictly follow the Design Standards in Accordance with the each Standards requirement. Our Solution Offering Include Smoke Detection through Photoelectric Smoke/Photoelectric Multi-criteria/Beam Detector based on the Site Environments, Heat Detection through Heat Detectors, Linear heat Sensing Cable for Detection in Cable Trays.

CCTV Security System

We Provide with IP Based & Analog HD CCTV Surveillance Solutions for Protecting the Premises from any untoward Incidents. With an Extensive Experience & Proven Design in the CCTV Field, we can provide with World Class Surveillance Solution matching the Customer Requirements. Our Proven CCTV Solution provides with Deterrence, Protection against Thefts & Burglary & Peace of Mind.